Fontgalant X.O bottle

Fontgalant X.O

An exceptional blend of aged “eaux-de-vies” make for the perfect drink for ladies and gentlemen alike. The uniqueness of the bottle highlights the special character of this high quality spirit. The smooth, easy to drink texture carries generous flavours of dried fruit, noble wood and flowery notes. The finish is equally persistent.

Fontgalant Black Diamond bottle

Fontgalant Black Diamond

The distinguished, dark bottle embodies the character of highly impressive brandy. Old “eaux-de-vies” have been blended with Cognac to create a complex “bouquet” . This is evident from rich notes of vanilla providing a comfortable background from which emanates an orchestra of elegant and lingering aromas.

Fontgalant Red Diamond bottle

Fontgalant Red Diamond

As a hallmark of good luck in many cultures, the red bottle bears fruit to a typically grand expression of spirit from Unicognac’s cellars. Pure and precise in its structure it is also charming with a long and well defined finish.

Fontgalant Crystal Diamond bottle

Fontgalant Crystal Diamond

As its provenance would sujest, this “Very Superior Old Pale” spirit has a good structure which makes for an easy companion. A smooth texture accompanies fresh and warm flavours.

Fontgalant VSOP No. 5 bottle

Fontgalant VSOP No. 5

This exceptional spirit highlights the craftsmanship of Unicognac Cellar Masters. Precise oak cask ageing and the careful blending of different specific “eaux-de-vies” have made this brandy a real show winner in term of aromas and flavours.