Fontgalant X.O bottle

Fontgalant X.O

Excellent, both inside and outside. The Fontgalant Brandy X.O, which is tailor made for gallant gentlemen, is blended with eau-de-vie of different age. The Tiffany colour gives it an original and different taste. It has a rich yet subtle organoleptic texture. Fruit, flower and wood cask flavours are found in all stages of tastings. Long and elegant after taste.

Fontgalant Black Diamond bottle

Fontgalant Black Diamond

Mysterious while noble, with the carcass of old eau-de-vie and reinforced by old Cognac, the Fontgalant Black Diamond offers you a very rich and harmonious flavour. The complicated fragrances with the venilla fragrance as the background will simply and easily put you in it, like in a symphony orchestra show. Even the empty glass provides a lingering fragrance that can last for long time.

Fontgalant Red Diamond bottle

Fontgalant Red Diamond

The red colour symbolises happiness and good luck in the Asian and in particular in the Chinese culture. Beneath this nice colour is Unicognac’s excellent eau-de-vie that many master blenders have taken pains in making it. Like its other brothers, it is also proud of the good structure, the charming amber colour and fine flavour, ended with a long-lasting and pure aftertaste.

Fontgalant Crystal Diamond bottle

Fontgalant Crystal Diamond

With very old pale as the structure, the Brandy has a charming amber colour and elegant and fine flavour, ended with a long-lasting and pure aftertaste. Like a pure French gentleman, warm and well-cultured.

Fontgalant VSOP No. 5 bottle

Fontgalant VSOP No. 5

“Meeting the right you at the right time!” A VSOP Brandy with very strong characters that Unicognac SA has formulated, has overwhelmed people both in the east and in the west. The proper ageing period in the oak casks and the perfect blend of different eaux de vie have contributed to its ultimate performance in flavour and fragrance. People find it a perfect match in particular with the Chinese cuisine.